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Regional Water Management Group (RWMG)
The San Diego County Water Authority, City of San Diego, and County of San Diego originally formed the RWMG to fund, guide, and manage development of the 2007 IRWM Plan. The RWMG is now responsible for the day-to-day administration and implementation of the San Diego IRWM Program. The RWMG meets bi-weekly to research, review, discuss, and formulate ideas and concepts for IRWM Plan implementation activities. Additionally, the RWMG provides presentations to various stakeholder groups including water supply agencies, environmental organizations, and other agencies regarding the IRWM Program.

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Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)
The RAC was formed in December 2006 to assist in completion of San Diego's first IRWM Plan and prioritization of projects both within the Plan and for future funding application(s) as they arise. In 2012, the RAC was reorganized and formalized to reflect the important advisory role it plays in the San Diego IRWM Program. RAC members serve 2- to 4- year terms, and the composition of the RAC provides diverse representation from various functional areas related to water management - 5 retail water agencies, 6 water quality representatives, 5 natural resources and watersheds organizations, 2 disadvantaged or environmental justice representatives, and 7 seats for other agencies or entities with an interest in water resource management (includes flood, business, agriculture, Tribal (currently open), land use planning, and 2 at-large seats). There are an additional 6 seats for non-voting members. These seats include the Regional Water Quality Control Board, US Bureau of Reclamation, Military, 2 seats for Tri-County FACC members, and the State Coastal Conservancy. The RWMG agencies are represented by only 3 voting seats.

The RAC has played a critical role in shaping and developing such key elements of the IRWM Plan as goals and objectives, long-term targets, the proposed institutional structure, and project prioritization. The RAC currently meets on a bi-monthly basis to provide guidance on upcoming IRWM planning and funding application activities. The RAC may be convened more frequently, as needed, for planning and funding proposals

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Stakeholder Participation
The RWMG and RAC developed the following vision statement to provide overall direction to the Region's IRWM planning approach:
An integrated, balanced, and consensus-based approach to ensuring the long-term sustainability of San Diego's water supply, water quality, and natural resources.

All interested stakeholders are invited to participate in the IRWM Plan Update effort. Participation is possible through several mechanisms, including attending RAC meetings and public workshops, and by reviewing draft materials. Stakeholders are essential for achieving a higher level of integration of watershed projects, whereby the multiple benefits of water supply, water quality and natural resources can be achieved concurrently.

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Tri-County Funding Area Coordinating Committee (Tri-County FACC)
The San Diego RWMG, Upper Santa Margarita RWMG, and South Orange County RWMG collaborate in an inter-regional body established via MOU and known as the Tri-County FACC. The Tri-County FACC enables the three RWMGs to balance the necessary autonomy of each planning region to plan at the appropriate scale with the need to improve inter-regional cooperation and efficiency. The Tri-County FACC also ensures close coordination of the three planning regions to improve the quality and reliability of water throughout the span of all three IRWM Regions (San Diego, Upper Santa Margarita, and South Orange County), also known as the San Diego Funding Area.

The Tri-County FACC coordinates and works together with their advisory groups to address issues and conflicts across planning regions, identify common objectives and projects that address those needs, and provide general planning cooperation for shared watersheds. The Tri-County FACC meets on an as-needed basis.

Tri-County FACC Boundaries

IRWM Participation in Water Resources Efforts
Beyond IRWM planning, there are several other water management planning and policy efforts underway in the Region that may impact local agencies and organizations. The RAC has expressed support for participating in these other water resources efforts as a coordinated body. For example, the IRWM Program participated in the Basin Plan Triennial Review Advisory Committee (TRAC) established in 2010 by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board.