San Diego IRWM Policies
Grant Policies for Local Project Sponsors To provide transparency, consistency, and accountability, the San Diego IRWM Program has developed the following policies applicable to Local Project Sponsors (LPS) who have received grant funding under the IRWM Program. These policies were developed by the RWMG in 2017 with input from the RAC, and adopted by the RWMG on May 4, 2017. They are effective immediately, and enforceable once incorporated into an LPS agreement. For all LPS agreements executed after the date of adoption, these policies will be included as a condition of the agreement; for LPS agreements that were executed prior to the policies� adoption, they will be incorporated as part of any amendments initiated by the LPS.

Reallocation of Grant Funding
This policy provides guidance for how to address potential issues with projects that may substantially change during contracting or implementation, as well as what do to with grant funds when a project drops out of the grant or that remain unused following project completion.

The San Diego IRWM Program had funded a large number of projects since the Region�s first grant was awarded in 2009. Each of these projects was selected through a rigorous stakeholder-led local project selection process. Over time, the San Diego IRWM Program has matured, and its grant processes have evolved. Changes to funded projects are not uncommon and may affect a project�s schedule, budget, and benefits, or lead to a project removing itself from the grant entirely. In such circumstances it may be appropriate to consider reallocation of awarded grant funds.

Grant Administration Funding
This policy has been developed to establish and enforce a mechanism to fund the San Diego IRWM Program�s Grant Administration Program (GAP) in the event that a LPS must extend the overall agreement with the State, as well as encourage LPS to stay on schedule. It also includes a policy to help relieve potential budgeting constraints on the GAP by allowing for alternative funding mechanisms such as increased GAP funding and inclusion of GAP contingency.

The GAP provides grant administration support for the Region, including coordination with LPS, contracting with the State and LPS, invoice and progress report tracking, review, and submittal, and processing of agreement amendments, among others. As the GAP has evolved with the IRWM Program, it has found that costs can vary widely depending on the total grant allocation of each round of funding, the number and types of projects, and LPS.

DWR Agreements
DWR uses standard grant agreements, templates for contracts used for each round are grant funding are available on their website here:

Any questions related to funding agreements, including LPS agreements, DWR agreements, the Reallocation of Grant Funding policy, or the Grant Administration Funding policy should be directed to Loisa Burton, Grant Administrator at 858-522-6739 or