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Throughout 2006 and 2007, regional stakeholders participated in development of the Region's first IRWM Plan. The IRWM Plan established a regional program for protecting, managing, and developing reliable and sustainable water resources. On October 1, 2007, the RWMG, RAC, and consultant team finalized the 2007 IRWM Plan. The Plan was adopted by all three RWMG agencies on the following dates:

2007 IRWM Plan Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

IRWM Plan Vision
In recognition of these themes, the RWMG and RAC developed the following vision statement to provide overall direction to the Region's IRWM planning approach:
An integrated, balanced, and consensus approach to ensuring the long-term sustainability of San Diego's water supply, water quality, and natural resources.

IRWM Plan Mission
The RWMG and RAC developed the following mission statement for IRWM planning within the Region:
To develop and implement an integrated strategy to guide the San Diego Region toward protecting, managing, and developing reliable and sustainable water resources. Through a stakeholder-driven process and adaptive process, the Region can develop solutions to water-related issues and conflicts that are economically and environmentally preferable, and that provide equitable resource protection for the entire Region.

IRWM Plan Goals
In accordance with the Plan Vision and Mission, the RWMG and stakeholders developed the following four IRWM Plan goals:

IRWM Plan Objectives
Through a series of facilitated public workshops and facilitated RAC meetings, the RWMG, RAC, and regional stakeholders developed the following nine specific IRWM Plan objectives to accomplish the four IRWM Plan goals:

The 2007 IRWM Plan can be accessed by clicking on the following links. Please note that each section/chapter of the Plan has been posted separately. In order to open the Plan documents, you will need Adobe Reader.

IRWM Plan Cover and Table of Contents Appendices:
Executive Summary Appendix 1 – San Diego Region Watershed Maps
Section A – Introduction & Regional Water Management Group
Appendix 2 – Designated Beneficial Uses of Groundwater and Surface Water
Section B – Description of Region Appendix 3 – Basin Plan: Water Quality Objectives
Section C – Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives Appendix 4 – Endangered and Threatened Species
Section D – Water Management Strategies Appendix 5 – San Diego Region Water Management Projects
Section E – Integration of Water Management Strategies Appendix 6 – Integrated Water Management Strategies and Benefits
Section F – Regional Priorities
Appendix 7– IRWM Project Objectives: Geography Scoring, & Ranking
Section G – Implementation Appendix 8 – Public Outreach Plan
Section H – Benefits and Impacts Appendix 9 – RWMG Memorandum of Understanding
Section I – Evaluation of Plan Performance Appendix 10 – Tier I Projects: Feasibility, Schedules, and Costs
Section J – Data Management Appendix 11 – Tier I Projects: Impacts and Benefits
Section K – Financing Appendix 12 – Tier I Projects: Conformance with Statewide Priorities
Section L – Statewide Priorities Appendix 13 – Summary of the Region's Local Water Management Plans
Section M – Consistency with Local Plans Appendix 14 – Stakeholder Outreach Attachments
Section N – Stakeholder Involvement IRWM Plan Back Cover
Section O – Coordination  

2007 IRWM Plan Project List
All 162 projects originally submitted for inclusion in the IRWM Plan are contained within this Project List (PDF - 2MB). Due to the volume of data provided for each project, and in order to present the data in a condensed format on the website, the data for each project was separated into various categories presented one after another. For example, the database begins with the Project Description category and lists the data for all 162 projects before moving on to the Project Benefits category.

For the current Proposition 84 and Proposition 1E grant cycles, please submit implementation projects using the online project database.

2011 Report Card on 2007 IRWM Plan
In 2011, the RWMG completed an overview and assessment of the San Diego Region's IRWM planning efforts. This assessment was compiled into a formal Report Card document, which was finalized in August 2011. The final Report Card and its appendices can be accessed by clicking on the following links.

2011 Report Card on 2007 IRWM Plan (pdf 8MB)

Appendix A: Results of the San Diego IRWM Survey (pdf 300k)

Appendix B: Progress Toward Achieving IRWM Plan Targets (pdf 200k)

Appendix C: Proposition 50 and Proposition 84 Project Overviews (pdf 800k)