Storm Water Resource Planning
The County of San Diego, in collaboration with the San Diego County Copermittees, has prepared a Functionally Equivalent Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP) that meets guidance and criteria established by the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). The SWRP uses existing watershed and regional plans that identify opportunities, strategies, and priority conditions and goals for water quality, water resources, flood management, community, and natural resource benefits within San Diego County. The primary purpose of the SWRP is to provide tools and guidance to support the San Diego Region in developing more competitive projects for the SWRCB's Storm Water Grant Program. Furthermore, SWRPs are required for storm water and dry weather capture projects to obtain grant funds through all chapters of Proposition 1; therefore, this plan will also allow projects within the region to maintain their eligibility for future grant funding opportunities.

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IRWM Planning
IRWM Plans are regional plans designed to improve collaboration in water resources management. IRWM Plans are designed to comprehensively address all aspects of water management and planning throughout an IRWM Region. IRWM Plans cross jurisdictional, watershed, and political boundaries; involve multiple agencies, stakeholders, individuals, and groups; and attempt to address the issues and differing perspectives of all the entities involved through mutually beneficial solutions. To this end, IRWM Plans include integrated projects that achieve multiple benefits and address regional objectives set forth within the IRWM Plan. Projects included within an IRWM Plan are then eligible to receive funding through competitive grant processes administered by DWR. To date, the Region has received over $96 million through Proposition 50, Proposition 84, and Proposition 1 grant funding.

DWR requires IRWM Plans to follow a set of sixteen (16) specific standards to ensure that each IRWM Plan includes specific content; however IRWM Regions have flexibility in how issues are addressed.

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