Planning Documents
The San Diego IRWM Program occasionally develops planning documents relevant to IRWM and the Region, but separate from the IRWM Plan and its updates.For information on grant policies, please visit Agreements & Policies under the Grant & Agreements menu, or click here. Information on the Grant Administration Program (GAP) can be found on the Grant Administration page under the Grant & Agreements menu, or by clicking here

Hodges Case Study
In 2015, the RWMG began developing a study that would identify the potential challenges to implementing holistic management on a watershed scale, and consider potential opportunities to overcome such challenges from the perspective of an IRWM-approach. The RWMG conducted literature review, interviews with experts (stakeholders and regulatory agencies), and held multiple workshops, which culminated in the Opportunities for Integrated Watershed Management: Case Study on Hodges Catchment. A compendium of documents, plans, permits, and other efforts in the Hodges Catchment, developed during the initial stages of this effort, is also available here.