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The Final Draft 2013 IRWM Plan is now available!
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Throughout 2012 and 2013, regional stakeholders participated in development of an update to the 2007 IRWM Plan. The 2013 IRWM Plan includes information from planning documents published since 2007, as well as information produced from planning studies, workshops, and workgroups that are being conducted to address Region-specific issues. The 2013 IRWM Plan will allow the Region to focus on updated priorities and issues, facilitate project integration, forge partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, and move the Region forward in implementing high-priority projects. The Final Draft 2013 IRWM Plan was finalized on September 11, 2013 and was formally adopted by the RWMG agencies on the following dates:

Want to know more about why items were included in the 2013 IRWM Plan or how the Plan meets State guidelines and requirements? Click here for the Plan Standards Review Tool. This tool documents the requirements of the 2012 IRWM Guidelines issued by the California Department of Water Resources, and where the information meeting each requirement is found in the 2013 San Diego IRWM Plan.

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2013 IRWM Plan Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

IRWM Plan Vision
In recognition of these themes, the RWMG and RAC developed the following vision statement to provide overall direction to the Region's IRWM planning approach:
An integrated, balanced, and consensus-based approach to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Region's water supply, water quality, and natural resources.

IRWM Plan Mission
The RWMG and RAC developed the following mission statement for IRWM planning within the Region:
To develop and implement an integrated strategy to guide the Region toward protecting, managing, and developing reliable and sustainable water resources. Through a stakeholder-driven and adaptive process, the Region can develop solutions to water-related issues and conflicts that are economically and environmentally preferable, and that provide equitable resource protection for the entire Region.

IRWM Plan Goals
In accordance with the Plan Vision and Mission, the RWMG and stakeholders developed the following four IRWM Plan goals:

IRWM Plan Objectives
Through a series of facilitated public workshops and facilitated RAC meetings, the RWMG, RAC, and regional stakeholders developed the following eleven specific IRWM Plan objectives to accomplish the four IRWM Plan goals:

Final Draft 2013 IRWM Plan

The Final Draft 2013 IRWM Plan can be accessed by clicking on the following links. For the complete Plan as a single file, please click here. For individual chapters and appendices, use the links in the table below. In order to open the Plan documents, you will need Adobe Reader. For a copy of the Final Draft 2013 IRWM Plan, please contact Mark Stadler, IRWM Program Manager, via email (, or by mail at 4677 Overland Ave., San Diego, CA 92123.

For the 2013 IRWM Plan Highlights document, click here.

For the Plan Standards Review Tool, click here.

IRWM Plan Cover, Acknowledgements, and Table of Contents Appendix 3-A – Beneficial Use Designations
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Appendix 3-B – Surface and Groundwater Quality Objectives
Chapter 2 – Vision and Objectives Appendix 3-C – 303(d) Impaired waters
Chapter 3 – Region Description Appendix 3-D – Endangered and Threatened Species
Chapter 4 – Tribal Nations of San Diego County Appendix 4-A – Tribal Water Stories
Chapter 5 – Watershed Characterizations Appendix 6-A – RWMG Memorandum of Understanding
Chapter 6 – Governance and Stakeholder Involvement
Appendix 6-B – RAC Charter
Chapter 7 – Regional Coordination Appendix 6-C – IRWM Stakeholder Outreach
Chapter 8 – Resource Management Strategies Appendix 6-D – Formal Comment Letters and Stakeholder Comments on 2013 Draft IRWM Plan
Chapter 9 – Project Evaluation and Prioritization Appendix 7-A – Regulatory Workgroup Report
Chapter 10 – Data and Technical Analysis Appendix 7-B – Integrated Flood Management Planning Study
Chapter 11 – Framework for Implementation Appendix 7-C – Land Use Planning Study
IRWM Plan Back Cover Appendix 7-D – Climate Change Planning Studies

We welcome stakeholder input on the IRWM Program and on the 2013 IRWM Plan. To participate in discussion of the IRWM Program or Plan, visit the IRWM Forum here.